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Horrible. Are the pain Olympics real? Yes, altho not endorsed by the IOC, the Pain Olympics is a contest to see who has the highest pain tolera. BME Pain Olympics - REAL VIDEO! - 100% REAL! Download Link: BME Pain Olympics - REAL VIDEO! - 100% REAL! video from YouTube. OMG WHY???!!! The Travis Show #19: REACTION VIDEO "BME Pain Olympics" Oct 30, 2008 . http . . Edit: When you click that link above on the next page there should be something that just says BME, the first of the pain olympics. Anybody know how to watch it instead of hundreds of reactions? Thanks. view. com вЂ" After seeing Joe Rogans 2 girls 1 cup, we . BME BME stands for 'Body Modification Ezine' or 'Body Modification Extremism. . The real PAIN Olympics lol :)The REAL BME pain Olympics is actually a festival in which body mods are performed live in front of the attendees. BME Pain Olympics: “No matter how much it hurts, no matter what the pain is inside, work hard to make somebody happy . . . The REAL BME pain Olympics is. . . the real bme pain olympics video man cuts his dick off. Watch the BME Pain Olympics original actual video online free:. The Pain Olympics is one of the events that occasionally occurs at BME BBQs, especially BMEFest. . com/?d=3U5WIUBIBest Answer: I dont think it is real because there would be loooads more blood than that, and the balls would not just pop out like that as they are attached to vessels. break. . . . . BME PAIN OLYMPICS REACTION Nov 2, 2008 4:56 PM. . . . Real video can be found here: [warning even if it's fake (I'm not sure if it is) you . megaupload. Now THAT looks real. . ' The site called BME is focused on activities of this nature: tattoos, body scarring, skin . . . more photos here: BMEZINE Finally the nail in the coffin, an email . . (I know sick *** people in the world right?) but . Frig. Are the BME pain olympics real? The original video displays a message at the end confirming it is fake. . . Watch BME Pain Olympics: the original movie! . . . . . . It is not endorsed in any way by the IOC but merely a contest to see who has the . . Best Answer: LMAO i love how this question is in the "Olympics" section but yes it is very real people do that stuff everyday. 1:17 Add to Added to queue BME Pain Olympics - REAL VIDEO! - 100% REAL! by Ubaroo 185,779 views 0:25 Add to Added to queue BME Pain Olympics Final Round Remake by CBstyle1 18,240 viewsUser Movies Contests, User Movie Contests - Win Big Prizes in User Movies ContestsBME Pain Olympics

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